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Glitter Rock

She was blinded by the light

26 April 1982
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80s, 80s music, absinthe, adonis, afi, albert camus, androgyny, anime, anita blake, anne rice, batman, bauhaus, beautiful boys, beautiful girls, beer, black, blue oyster cult, buffy, cake, camus, canada, champagne, cheap trick, clockwork orange, clubing, coloured hair, columbia, dalì, daria, david bowie, ddr, degrassi, depeche mode, diet coke, dracula, dress up, drinking, england, english blokes, espresso beans, europe, existenialism, fake hair, forever knight, france, gemstones, george thorogood, glam, glam rock, glamour, glitter, hair dye, halo, harry potter, hedwig, hotmatt, interview with the vampire, irish beer, jareth, jean paul sartre, johnny cash, journey, jump little children, karaoke, labyrinth, laurell k. hamilton, lestat, lip piercings, local bands, long hair, matt bivins, meatloaf, misfits, mscl, muse, mythology, naked eyes, nana, neopets, night walker, oscar wilde, paradise kiss, peach girl, phi sigma pi, philosophy, pink floyd, placebo, poppy z. brite, pump it up, radiohead, red bull, red lipstick, reeses, retro, rockapella, rocky horror picture show, sailor moon, sailormoon, sake, san fransico, sartre, shoujo, skintight, southern comfort, strongbad, surrealism, teenage wildlife, the cure, the darkness, the falls lost, the killers, the misfits, the smiths, the vines, thin white duke, tiaras, tinker's punishment, tom petty, touga, traveling, u2, usc, utena, vampires, van gogh, vanilla, vanity, velvet goldmine, victorian fashion, vodka, ward williams, western civilization, white fudge oreos, wigs, writing, youth gone wild, ziggy stardust